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Religious Desire

I gave the following paper at the 8th ECLRNI (18th Century Literature Research Network in Ireland) symposium at Trinity College Dublin. Seeing as it represents the earliest stages of some contextualising research, and as it isn't particularly long, I feel that Maddalo is as good as place as any to share it...
Religious Desire in Isaac Watt's Horae Lyricae and Elizabeth Rowe's 'Devotional Soliloquies'
This paper comes out of a wider research project on prayer and poetry, one chapter of which is focused on Felicia Hemans’ late verse. In thinking about Hemans, I became interested in the extent to which a female devotional tradition stretched back, and in what ways women writers appropriated various models of prayer and devotional selfhood. Seeking a circumscribed way of comparing male and female religious verse, Isaac Watts (who revolutionised hymnody and decisively shaped dissenting devotion) and Elizabeth Rowe (arguably the best known female religious poet of the 18…