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Seven Notes on Death

June has been a hectic month, with a trip back to the UK, exam boards, and my first sustained burst of writing for, well, quite a while: plus a lot of thoughts about what next year will bring. In the meantime, because of my recent immersion in the works of Felicia Hemans, I've been thinking - in the lightest way possible, of course - about how one interprets death.

1. As Levinas would have it, the necessity to interpret death in excess of ontology. Death not just the passage from being to non-being, or a change of state, but the very question of nothingness posed to ontology, and the mark within ontology (and the experience of beings) of a irreducible horizon of nonbeing. In short, death remains a question. This, of course, is why an immortal Dasein is a contradiction in terms, since a consciousness that knew it could never die would be virtually inconceivable to us.

The likelihood that death is the final referent of all value and signification (if everything can be done, infinite…