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Where is the Meaning in Shakespeare?

You shouldn't get annoyed about articles in the Guardian, especially ones with clickbait headlines, otherwise you'd spend your entire life in a digitally-engendered rage. However, following a mildly indulgent piece on theatrical snobbery last week, I found myself reading this not altogether dissimilar article by James Gingell on Shakespeare. The subeditors haven't done a bad job here, and the following does sum it up fairly effectively: 'Rejecting the cult of Bardolatry does not make you an intellectual philistine - Shakespeare is hard to understand, and the language barrier gets in the way of the soul-nourishing content we are led to believe can be found within his plays.'

Now, the first statement is a truism. I'm not an early modern scholar nor a particularly keen theatre-goer. As an academic, I'm well aware and duly sceptical of the historical process through which authors, including Shakespeare, becomes canonised, not least because Shakespeare's own…

Maurice Riordan's 'Badb': A Commentary

I came across Maurice Riordan's work in a bookshop in Derry, and he's one of the contemporary poets who have really caught my eye and ear. Holy Land (2007) is good, but I really really like Floods (2000). It was therefore a pleasure to find a short - albeit not altogether characteristic - text of his to use in concluding my teaching year. Although that was over a month ago now, I wanted to write a few reflections on the blog and I've finally managed to get around to it!*

'Badb' (the title coming from the name of an ancient Irish war-goddess in the shape of a crow) is a somewhat Hughesesque lyric which was perfectly fitted to a seminar on 'nature', producing two really good sets of student discussions. I'm never entirely sure of copyright issues, so I haven't reproduced the text here, but it's easy enough to find the poem as part of a Google preview of Flood, or failing that here. Above all, I just think that as a tracing of the wavering line bet…