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The End of Research Leave

Well, it's been seven months since I've last blogged anything, and that's largely because having wrapped up teaching for the 15/16 academic year, I embarked into the mysterious waters of a half-year research leave in order to bring my long-awaited (um, well, long-awaited by me) monograph project to completion.

Aaaand, to adopt the Stewart Lee defence, time passed and something happened. They can't say nothing happened! 70,000 words of note-taking (thank-you SimpleNote), 30,000 words of fresh chapter stuff, revisions on the other 40,000 words that was sitting in various .doc files, and I have something resembling a manuscript. It's not quite ready for submission to publishers yet, but it's getting there. Romantic Prayer: Reinventing the Poetics of Devotion, 1773-1832 here we come.

Anyway, I was very glad to be able to speak to colleagues who had been on research leave before me, so in that spirit here's four not-so-much-lessons as observations.

1. I found it…